Exclusive Services



A non-exclusive license (or lease) provides a more affordable option for upcoming artists that are on a lower budget and trying to build their catalog. There are no limits on streaming/sales and performances. 

Through a non-exclusive license, the Producer maintains full ownership and can continue to lease the beat to other Artists until an exclusive license is sold. Therefore, license holders cannot register their song under any content ID as there are potentially other active licenses. 


Under extreme circumstances, Artists who had leased a beat prior to the exclusive being sold will not be affected and their license terms will still be valid up to the limits or term set by the Producer. 


*A Non-Exclusive Agreement does not apply to Sync Licensing. For all sync opportunities please contact us directly.



An exclusive license is offer-based, that gives the Artist/Label exclusive rights and no restrictions on the use or exploitation of the beat. Once the exclusive is sold, the beat will be removed from the store shortly after. 

This license is recommended for Artists with higher budgets or are signed to Labels. The Artist or Label would obtain ownership in the master/sound recording copyright; however, the Producer still retains ownership in the copyright of the beat composition. 

Below are samples of the agreements for preview. If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.